Great Lakes Frontier State Events Concept

The use of the State Events Concept will ensure that each State within the Frontier has the best
chance of funding their chapters
charitable/scholarship events for the year.

However the concept will not work without co-operation from each chapter within your

1. All chapters within the frontier must agree to purchase a set amount of tickets for a state event.
(Suggested amount 10 tickets)
2. All chapters must agree to have
representation at the (7) state events with the understanding to
encourage as many members to attend as possible.
One of the States Events will host the Frontier Meeting which would include the event also.
4. No chapter within the frontier should schedule an event on the same weekend. State event dates
take priority over local events

This concept supports the frontier first idea and allows for each chapter to have their individual
events without looking for support by the entire frontier and enlist the support of more of your local
clubs and friends.

Members have the flexibility to travel anywhere in the states to other Buffalo Soldier/Trooper
events because the entire chapter does not have to be represented at the State Events.

Keep in mind that the National Meeting and Convention is held within the last two weeks in July.
This month's message comes from Dream
Maker, Founder & President, Chicago
Buffalo Troopers MC
Every month we will highlight words of wisdom from our
Frontier Presidents